Flamenco Diva Designs

Email questions to flamencodiva@gmail.com

Located in Syracuse, NY

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To be notified about rare, one-off products incorporating special designs and fabrics, join our mailing list by sending an email to flamencodiva@gmail.com with the subject line, “Add me to the mailing list.”  Mailing list members will also be the first to hear about new product launches.  To remove yourself from the mailing list, send an email with the subject line “Remove me from the mailing list.”

International Customers

International customers will be charged a fee for shipping.  To receive a quote, please email your order to flamencodiva@gmail.com

Look for Me Here:

  1. On Ebay, my username is hipbazaar  To find my listings, click on “community” at top of page, enter user name and click on “Find a Member.”

  2. On Etsy, my username is flamencodiva