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Joharah’s BellyUp Belly Dance Studio

Located in Oakville, ON, Canada, Joharah offers classes in Middle Eastern Belly Dance, American Tribal Style Dance, Arabic Drumming, Hawaiian, Yoga, Ballroom and much more.  Find out more info and sign up for a free class at www.bellyup.ca


Mahira is a professional Belly Dance performer and instructor located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She teaches Egyptian Style Belly Dance and American Classic Nightclub Style Belly Dance.  Her specialties are Zills (finger cymbals) and silk veil and is known for her stage presence.  For more information visit www.mahirabellydance.com


Troupe Director of Desert Silk Dance Company, teaches and performs American Style Belly Dance in Eastern and Central Washington State.   www.nizanaraqs.com


Helena is professional belly dance instructor and performer in the Binghamton, NY and PA areas.  She has 15 years of teaching experience in fitness and dance and offers classes

throughout NY and PA.




570 499 8332